Allergy testing for adults and children

This time of year can be a misery for anyone with hay fever or other forms of allergies which cause Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis. Sore, puffy eyes, a running, congested nose and constant sniffles and sneezing affect as many as one in three of us. It can cause considerable problems in everyday life, work and school, especially with the exam season approaching. Some sufferers experience a loss of sleep and feel unable to attend outdoor events during hay fever season.

Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis can be triggered by many allergens, not just hay. Airborne grass and tree pollens, certain spores as well as house dust mites and domestic pets can all be responsible for an attack.

There’s no need to suffer in silence. The Aberdeen Clinic offers comprehensive allergy testing and proven treatments for Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis and other allergies. The process begins with a detailed history and examination as well as a questionnaire which is completed before testing. In skin prick testing, a drop of allergen is placed on your forearm and a lancet used to ‘scratch’ the skin, a weal will develop if an allergy exists.

A range of blood tests are also available for adults and children under 2 years old. Blood tests are used where skin prick testing is unsuitable, such as those with eczema or children under two years old. Blood testing allows a number of different reactions to be tested for and helps identify the causes of persistent allergies.

The Aberdeen Clinic offers a comprehensive allergy treatment programme. This includes a review of current medication and assessing the use of nasal sprays. Severe allergies may be treated by complex desensitisation. In appropriate cases, our GP may prescribe the intra-muscular steroid injection Kenalog for seasonal

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