Welcoming Mr Alistair Lowrie, Plastic Surgeon

The Aberdeen Clinic (TAC) are pleased to welcome Mr Alistair
Lowrie, Plastic Surgeon
to their team of consultants. Alistair will be working within our plastic surgery clinic which
aims to give you the best plastic
surgery treatment and deliver our best practise promise.

Here are Alistair’s words of wisdom:

“Having plastic surgery is a big step and worth thinking about carefully. It is natural to feel a bit anxious. You will want to know what can be achieved, what is involved and what the possible outcomes and risks are.”

“When going to talk about your plastic surgery it is a good idea to think about specific things you would like to improve, for example, bumps, wrinkles or drooping, rather than having a broad dislike of yourself” this will help our plastic surgeons discuss various treatments to suit your needs.

As with any surgery there may be one or more operations or
treatments that could help. Each will have pro’s and con’s and these need to be
considered honestly. Any surgery will have a recovery period, leave some scars
and have a risk of side effects or complications. The risks will have to be
acceptable to you.

A second consultation is usually a good idea before
proceeding as it is common to think of questions later on, after your first

Some general advice when looking for your plastic surgery treatment is
to look for a Consultant Surgeon with an interest in treating your area of
concern. A Plastic Surgeon
will have received training in all aspects of cosmetic work.

Membership of professional bodies such as ‘BAAPS’, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, indicates they have an interest in cosmetic surgery, have met rigorous standards and continually audit their work.

Think carefully and be safe and sure of your decision. You will then be fully prepared to undergo your chosen surgery with confidence.

For more information on our plastic surgery treatments visit our plastic surgery clinic.

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