Access to self-referral private healthcare

It is commonplace to hear people talk about the lack of public healthcare and their ability to access GP services for onward referral. We want to make this process simple by allowing people to access self-referral services within private healthcare.  

We understand that no one wants to be unwell and off work for long periods of time due to lengthy waiting lists.  

The Aberdeen Clinic’s response to this is a focus on early interventions promoting self-referral, why should your wellbeing be put on hold? Why don’t your healthcare providers advise that there is a fast track option available to you? Is it expensive?

Self-referral to a private healthcare facility doesn’t have to be expensive. Commonly, the cost a self-referral is similar to that of a visit to your local hair salon every 6-8 weeks or a round of golf, something that many of us take as a given.  

For employers, those lengthy NHS waiting lists are often the cause of extended sickness absence management periods. These can be fast tracked to by The Aberdeen Clinic in accordance with employee’s GPs, Occupational Health Services, or through self-referral. 

Why wait weeks or months when specialist consultants can be made available within days? To understand further what The Aberdeen Clinic can do for you either as an individual, employee or employer, get in touch and we can advise and guide you through the best pathway to returning to work. 

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