How do we know we have an Irritable Bowel?

A number of news outlets have proclaimed that Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) doesn’t exist based on the British College of Nutrition and Health’s review of 220 studies. 

No-one really wants to talk to their doctor about their bowel habits, symptoms of bloating, flatulence and stomach pain, but it is something that can really impact our daily life.   

Our specialist team here at The Aberdeen Clinic regularly see patients who are facing these struggles. As specialists in the field we can provide additional support working alongside your GP to find an outcome that works for you.  This is what we do, what we do well, and do as a specialism, we understand what you are dealing with and how to help you find a way through it. 

We ensure that each patient is carefully assessed to ensure that other conditions such as coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease or cancers are excluded.  Once these have been excluded our specialist team investigate further adopting a holistic approach tailored for each individual.  This approach is proven with numerous success stories where our patients after years of suffering have a mechanism that provides relief.  

The message should not be that IBS doesn’t exist – Indeed 13 million British adults will testify to the effects that it has on their life. It should rather be that IBS is a common set of symptoms involving the gut which can have many different causes.  Rather than saying someone has IBS and reaching for medications a far better approach is to try and determine what is causing the symptoms in the first place.   

Symptoms of IBS can be brought on due to: 

  • bacteria within the intestine 
  • food intolerances  
  • lifestyle and stress 
  • a combination of any of the above factors 

What is important is that although the symptoms may be similar everyone is an individual and treatment of IBS should focus on what is triggering these symptoms in this particular patient, not a generic approach as is taken by so many health professionals. 

If any of this sounds familiar, please get in touch with us. 

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