FPAL Registration

First Point Assessment (FPAL) is the world’s leading Oil & Gas industry supply chain database. FPAL is the key tool used by Oil & Gas purchasers to identify and select current and potential suppliers when awarding contracts or purchase orders. 

  • Improves business relationships through performance discussions.
  • A fair, transparent and open tender list selection process.
  • An assured working environment where your company’s current capabilities will be visible to potential customers.
  • The opportunity to save money, time and effort associated with the completion of repetitive pre-qualifications.
  • A primary route to new and continued business. A simple and highly effective channel for accessing contract opportunities within the sector
  • The process replaces internal approved vendor lists and eliminates costly duplication in pre-qualifying suppliers. The system matches the needs of over 90 purchasing organisations with the capabilities of over 3000 supplying organisations.

FPAL, the direct route to business in the Oil & Gas Industry, aims to find the perfect supplier for every buyer. FPAL works to identify, qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers on behalf of its Purchasing members.  

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