Allergies are very common: it is thought that they affect more than one in four people in the UK at some point in their lives.

An allergy is a response within the body to a substance (allergen) from its surroundings.  This might be due to something that you eat, touch or inhale.  Common symptoms include sneezing, a running or blocked nose, difficulty breathing and a red, itchy rash.

 Any substance can cause allergies and it is quite difficult for the individual to detect what the root cause of the problem is.  If you or your child are suffering from a suspected allergy, our team can help you try to identify the problem. 

Skin Prick Test

The skin prick test is the most common form of testing, it is a safe test and can be done in children over 2 years old and adults.  It is not painful as with a small scratch on the upper layer of the skin and a drop of allergen the outcome will let you know if and what you are allergic to, thus going forward helping to avoid the allergens and promote a better quality of life Alternatively, we can offer a range of different allergy profiles that can be tested through routine blood testing.  Children under 2 years old can be tested through a normal blood test and we offer a range of different profiles targeted specifically for children.

If you are suspecting a severe allergy, skin testing is a suitable way to let the GP know the root cause behind it.  Some extracts of common allergens like pollen, mould, dust mites, animal dander, and foods are used for performing these tests.  Once they enter into the skin, they may trigger a rash and make you feel irritated.